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12 December, 2010

No wonder Wikileaks is under concerted attack — undoubtedly orchestrated by the US government. The aim is to silence the whistle blowing website, which every day reveals the secrecy and lies used to justify war, torture and corruption. There is nothing warmongering politicians fear more than the exposure of the real reasons for the mass slaughter and destruction that they carry out in our name. Over the past two years Wikileaks has proved itself repeatedly to be a true servant of democracy and an enemy of liars and hypocrites. The disgraceful refusal to grant Julian Assange bail, while he fights extradition to Sweden, is all of a piece with the attack on Wikileaks. The suspicion must be that the Swedish government – deeply incriminated in its support for George Bush’s “war on terror” – has hatched a plan with the US government to whisk Assange to America, where politicians and right-wing commentators are calling for him to be jailed for decades or executed.

Sign The Save Wikileaks petition

Julian Assange is before the courts on Tuesday 14th December to challenge being remanded in

Join Bristol Against Arms Trade (BAAT) from 2-6pm Tuesday, opposite the Hippodrome to have a stall and vigil in support of Julian. We will also give out flyers to raise awareness of Bradley Manning, the alleged Wikileaks source for the latest material. He is facing 52 years in prison· Next meeting for BAAT is 6pm Wednesday 22nd December at the Smiling Chair, next to Sprinters the Printers on Stokes Croft.

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