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Palestine Memorial Week 15th – 22nd January 2011

18 December, 2010

In Remembrance of Palestinian Suffering For over 62 years, Palestinians have suffered as a result of their expulsion, occupation of their land and ongoing violence. Today three quarters of Palestinians are living as refugees whose basic rights are denied by Israel, many more suffer due to Israel’s brutal policy of siege, occupation and apartheid. …At the birth of their tragedy in 1947 three quarters of a million Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their villages and houses, many more died during the reign of terror carried out by the Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang.

The subsequent history of Palestinian has been dominated by new cycles of violence followed by expulsion and more suffering. Their plight still continues but has evolved in many different ways. New mechanisms for land theft and expulsion are devised in pursuit of the Zionist dream to secure more land without the indigenous Palestinians. The International community has marginalised the Palestinians and denied them their rights. In memory of this ongoing crime against an entire nation, The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is pleased to announce its plans for Palestine Memorial Week 2011. This year the week will commence on15th until 22nd of January 2011. It will comprise of the following events: *Key International Conference, “The Ongoing Nakba”. The conference will state that the Nakba is a real and contemporary issue and not simply an event in Palestinian history. Issues like The Wall, Settlements, House Demolitions, Israeli Laws, and Palestinians in Lebanon, Media and Peace Process will be discussed with high profiled speakers showing the different strategies of land theft and expulsion. *Public Meetings with Solidarity Groups *Awareness Sessions and Activities in the Universities *Awareness activities and classes at schools *Photo Galleries on Palestine *Film Screening on different themes *Speaking Event on Hyde Park Speaking Corner * Silence Action in Trafalgar Square. The event is called Gaza 1417. It’s to commemorate the Second Anniversary of Operation Cast Lead *Cycling around London with Palestine flags. Participating groups and bodies will be provided with a special package that includes: Movies, Photo Galleries, Flags, Printings and all other required necessities. Other activities will be announced later. We do welcome any suggestion of brilliant activities. More:

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  1. 19 December, 2010 6:29 pm

    our heart with you ..

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