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This Is Not OK.

16 February, 2011

This is NOT OK

The UK government claims it has a “responsible” attitude to arms exports and controls arms sales. Yet it spends public money on persuading some of the world’s worst human rights abusers and most unstable regimes to buy weapons.

This is NOT OK

As public services are cut, it still employs 160 civil servants to act as salespeople for private arms companies – and says it wants to do even more to promote arms sales.

This is NOT OK

In September 2011, the government will help organise a massive arms fair, DSEi, in London. Thousands of arms sellers and buyers from across the globe will gather to deal in death. Clarion Events, the private company that owns the arms fair, defends its role by arguing that it is part of the legal arms trade.

Add your voice to help us send a strong message to the government and Clarion Events that

We’ll be creating a powerful lobbying exhibition to bring our message to the public and decision makers and taking action to end government support for the arms trade and end the arms fair.

This is NOT OK

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