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Remote Control War – Canadian TV Documentary

5 March, 2011

Remote Control War is a great Canadian TV documentary about military unmanned systems.

The film makers say:      “Remote Control War illustrates how warfare is being revolutionized in a monumental shift unlike anything in our human history.

Video taken off you tube by producers, they are trying to sell it to tv companies to earn a living and don’t want it to lose its ‘newness’. Lets hope they sell it, coz it is good.

The current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan exemplify the world’s first Robotic War.  The American robotic fleet, almost non-existent when the US and its allies invaded Iraq in 2003, has today grown to number 7,000 robots in the air and 12,000 others on the ground.  Some 43 other countries, including Canada, are now using robots in combat.


Remote Control War hunts down the most up-to-date information on military robotics. The film makerse travel to Europe, Israel and across North America, gaining entry to the Pentagon, robotic production facilities and cutting-edge research laboratories. While discovering the latest technology, they pose the serious ethical questions we need to ask: When robots are used to kill human beings, what are the new rules of engagement?

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