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Lockheed Martin and the census

20 March, 2011

Met a man in The Plough and he said have a look at this. Video about Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the
2011 Uk Census

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  1. Ker permalink
    27 March, 2011 11:03 pm

    The flaw with this being, Lockheed Martin do not process the forms. All they did was create the tracking system. Their job is done, dusted, and paid for. Lockheed Martin do not and will not see your completed forms. hey go to the ONS in Manchester for processing! By creating more work, you are making the census more expensive overall, and where do you suppose the money comes from to pay for this? Personally I prefer to take the ten mins it takes to fill it in, post it back, and never be bothered by it again… at least not for a decade.

    I must laugh at this idea to deliberately make the paper un-scannable by the software. Many people have a problem with the fact that their personal information is being recorded. Besides the obvious point that all this info and much much more is readily available to the government if they really wanted it, by writing badly and forcing a human to manually type in your details, well then your details will be seen. If you write legibly and allow the software to do its job, no one need see your personal details at all.

    Oh and on another note, if only for example 80% of people in your district return the forms, the local council, schooling, healthservice, libraries and all other public sector services, will only receive 80% of the funding they are entitled to… so if you failed to return your form, think twice before you complain about the state of your roads or the closure of your local library!

    Lastly, a friend of mine is working for the census this year, and her fear is that people will be rude and aggresive towards her when she makes calls to collect their forms. If you do happen to be contacted by Census workers, do remember they work for the ONS, not Lockheed, nor the government, so be civil!

  2. 28 March, 2011 1:11 pm

    Comment from Peace News site.
    I read this the other day and was all in favour of anything that inconveniences arms dealers.

    But my mother works for ONS so I asked her about it and she said the best way of insuring they don’t get the money is just to fill the forms out online. LM are being paid for the paper forms only, and what’s more the Treasury have paid ONS the 15 million already, so if as many of us fill in the forms online, the more money ONS will save to go into their budget for next year, and the more they have to spend on whatever it is they do. Not as fun, admittedly, but easier for more people to get behind and pass along.

    My comment: Local Government funding isn’t as simplistic as giving it out proportionately to the census
    returns. It does have a complex formula which enables central government to reward or ‘punish’ certain areas which do or do not approve of it in the ballot box. Bristol got starved of resources during the Thatcher years and the opposite during the Labour Government due to its Labour local council ( at the time) Please post sources for research, our readers are very sceptical.

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