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Warning to all Libyans

23 March, 2011

At this stage it cannot be confirmed that the coalition forces are using missiles that are ‘hardened’ with depleted uranium. However, it is so effective against military structures and tanks that it is likely they have.
Please would any UK Libyans, members of the National Transitional Council and any other Libyans ( civilians and combatants ) check this note out and pass suitable message on.
Depleted Uranium in weapons leaves a dust that is poisonous for billions of years .
Keep away from buildings, craters and destroyed tanks.
Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable.
There has been an increaseof 30% in the incidence of cancer and birth defects in gaza, likely to have been caused by Operation Cast Lead two years ago.
The authorities who use this material do not own up to it or when they do they downplay how toxic it is.

Look at these websites for more information
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
Yours Sincerely

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  1. 26 March, 2011 11:21 pm

    There have been various organisations claiming that massive bombs with D.U. have been dropped on Libya.
    The US military have said that they are ‘unaware’ that any of their munitions contain D.U. which is an amazing statement surely you would know one way or the other.
    I have spoken to somebody who is very knowledgeable about this and they said the answer lies somewhere
    in between and it is possible the military don’t use depleted uranium but other radioactive material, only
    testing on the ground will confirm either way.

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