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Fees cost a bomb!

24 May, 2011

The Government is wasting billions on wars we don’t want, yet making huge cuts to education.
The UK military budget is £46.1 billion. 4th largest in the world. ( Trident £ 100 billion, Libya probably £1 billion)
Come to Filton Abbey Wood station at 4pm this friday 27th May. and walk to the entrance gate at MOD procurement for a fun protest.
MOD procurement at Abbey Wood is a vast place designed with bloated military funds to oversee the spectacular mismanagement of public funds. See page on this site.

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  1. Col Klink permalink
    27 May, 2011 10:46 am


    • 27 May, 2011 9:50 pm

      Dear Col Klink
      happy to put comments on our blogsite, but i cant respond to insults in a meaningful way.
      You obviously view the world from the windows of Abbey Wood, the world does look different from
      other vantages.

  2. RealityCheck permalink
    27 May, 2011 2:40 pm

    Get with the program guys. The world is a bad place not made any better by you. If you really want to save the world then go and do it. Any coward can protest. You else safely in your beds because of Abbey Wood so get real. If you want to stop gaddafi killing his people why don’t you go there and try it. Then you’ll find out how much better the UK is. No you won’t do that you’ll just make a nuisance of yourselves and nothing will happen.

    • anti militarist permalink
      28 May, 2011 12:48 pm

      Not sure what you mean by the program, does that mean conform to values that surround you, whether you agree with them or not?
      I think the uk intervention in Libya is very selective, the presence of oil seems to figure in the calculations. Why didn’t we step in and stop the Israeli’s slaughtering 1200, mostly civilians, in Gaza in 2008/9 (Operation Cast Lead) for example.
      Anti militarists or any protestor for that matter, would not consider themselves brave, is it not cowardly to say nothing when ‘bad’ things are happening. There are so many examples of huge personal sacrifice ( In China, Burma, South Africa etc) which brought about change, or not in some cases, to bring about justice…
      I fear you are caught up in the militarist values of hero’s and bravery of the warrior. This suits the ruling elite who want others to make sacrifices to preserve their interests.

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