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Help Stop The Worlds Biggest Arms Fair – Join The Coalition against the DSEi arms fair.

1 July, 2011
  • Arming repressive regimes. Boosting arms company profits. Displaying the latest killing technology. It’s an event you don’t want to miss.People the world over are yet again witnessing the horror of what happens when the UK and other military powers put weapons in the hands of repressive regimes. Crowd control equipment, tear gas and military equipment were sold by the UK to Gaddafi’s regime, just months before he turned them on civilians calling for democracy.But it’s business as usual for the UK government and arms companies:David Cameron continued touring the Middle East with 8 high-level arms dealers in the week UK weapons were turned on protestors in Libya.
    The repressive and authoritarian Saudi government continues to be one of the UK’s largest weapons customers. There is no sign of an embargo despite their tanks rolling into Bahrain to help put down unrest there.
    The world’s largest arms fair – DSEi (Defence & Security Equipment International) – is still planned to take place in London on 13-16 September 2011.
Coalition Against The Arms Fair
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