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The profits go on.

26 September, 2011

Hey surprise surprise, all those missiles used on Libya need replacing.

No wonder the Libya expedition may cost £1.7 billion.

MBDA,BAE and MOD Abbeywood  in Bristol probably involved in this.

The European missile group MBDA has completed a second successful  test in  France of a new aerial weapon designed to penetrate deep buried bunkers.

Designated ‘Hard and Deeply Buried Target’ (HARDBUT) is part of the Next Generation Multiple Warhead System (NGMWS) initiative.

The program is being jointly managed by the UK MoD (DE&S) BRISTOL? and the French MoD (DGA), supported by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)  successfully delivered by MBDA teams in the UK and in France, Thales Missile Electronics (TME), QinetiQ, BAE Systems Global Combat Systems Munitions (GCSM) and Fluid Gravity Engineering (FGE).

A research program jointly funded by the defense ministries of France and the U.K., HARDBUT employs a small precursor charge detonated in front of the massive concrete target, perforating an entry path for the hardened penetrating body carrying the main warhead.

The NGMWS is designed to defeat a wide range of targets such as command and control facilities, infrastructure and underground facilities including caves, reflecting current and potential future operations.

 The TDP has previously been independently audited by Cranfield University and assessed as delivering research of a world class standing.    Details from Defence Update.

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