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7 October, 2011

Guilt is what someone feels when they believe, whether justified or not, that they have violated a moral standard.

It is also a judgment that is externally applied to someone who has violated a moral standard, even if they are unaware that they have, or deny that they have, based on their possibly erroneous beliefs.

In either case, there will normally be the requirement either for the immoral action to stop, or for there to be redress, some balancing of the immorality with a good action of sufficient size.

Bloodwashing  ( see  wandering raven )  is the process by which parties who are guilty of an immoral act involving harm to other people try to do something to either minimise their actions, or to balance them with acts of good.

Bloodwash is what governments, arms companies, and the people who own and work for them, do to cover over their guilt.

Bloodwash takes a number of forms. For example, it’s as basic as calling the Department of War the Department of ‘Defence’. It’s the practise of reframing aggression with terms like ‘Peace through strength’. ‘Newspeak’, whereby violent and destructive practises are renamed with benign terms and phrases to disguise or obliterate the true nature of the practise.

It’s the practise of arms companies of making themselves look like normal and positive members of the community  through community involvement, sponsorships, and similar practises.

Posted by wandering raven .

Anyone who is following this site please contribute examples of ‘bloodwash’ that they find.


Posted by wandering raven in Bloodwash, Let’s be blunt.

The purpose of military arms is to control, wound, maim or kill people, and/or to destroy property. The purpose for this killing and destruction is to impose the will of one group on another, and/or to hold or take territory. This occurs as an alternative to discussion and negotiation, either as a first or last recourse.

Arms companies produce the tools by which warfare is accomplished and in the modern context they are indispensible to it. Arms companies share the guilt for most modern conflict. As I will attempt to show in later posts on my blog , arms companies are, in fact, the direct and indirect instigators of much conflict.

The burden of guilt that arms companies bear is tremendous. In order to maintain themselves as members of society, they have to take certain actions. The same applies to individuals who work in arms companies. This lead to the phenomenon that I’m going to describe as ‘bloodwashing’.

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