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Bristol Student’s – Call Out Against The Arms Trade.

17 October, 2011

We will be meeting at 11.30am on the college green occupation to walk upto the student protest at the arms recruitment fair for 12pm. Thursday october 20th 2011.

The season is upon us once again. The global arms industry is once again licking its lips at the prospect of naive young graduates from ‘elite’ universities signing up to a career in the production of missiles, bombs and nuclear weapons. As in previous years, we are calling for action against these ‘careers fairs’, the result of backroom deals between university brass and arms company executives in which students who dont know better are prostituted into hands of the likes of BAe, AWE and Qinetic. We are asking for anyone concerned with the unchecked expansion of the military corporate interests to assist the small group of students already involved in trying to disrupt it. Careers events are taking place next Wednesday and Thursday (12:00 to 3:00), with action already planned on Thursday.As well as general vocal support, we are calling on any anti arms afinity groups to please try and organise action against this in any way they can. Blockading these events for fifteen minutes a year is not enough; we need to get arms companies out of universities for good. Whatever your thoughts on Bristol Uni students, if we continue to allow these companies to walk in and recruit graduates then they will continue there march of global proliferation.

If that isn’t enough, there will be a banking careers fair te following week at the same time and place (Wills Memorial Building). Please help us to drive these leeches out of university campuses around the country.

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