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Further Student Protests at Careers Fair Over Arms Investment

30 October, 2011

On the 27th October at the Autumn Careers Fair, University of Bristol students including two UBU Student Officers, Vice President Welfare & Equality Sophie Bennett and VP Community Max Wakefield, staged a dramatic “die in” at the Autumn Careers Fair.  The students claim that Barclays invests £7.3bn in the global arms sector making them by far the largest global investor, a claims supported by the website Bristol Against Arms Trade.  After being served with a disciplinary letter, the protesters cooperated with security and peacefully left the building.

The protest followed discussion at last week’s Student Council about whether the Students’ Union should support action against companies that produce or invest in the production of armaments to having presence at University events such as the Careers Fair.

According to VP Community Max Wakefield, the students involved in the protest ‘want to raise awareness of the presence of companies in the arms trade at careers fairs in order to help students make informed decisions about employment opportunities’.

Two motions relating to arms companies have been submitted for debate at the Students’ Conference on Saturday 29th October.  During the decision-making session that begins at 3pm, any student will be able to have his or her say on motions calling for more diversity in companies at careers fairs & permission for student protest and for a stance of opposition by the Students’ Union towards financial involvement of arms companies in the University of Bristol.

At the Conference, students can also take part in a variety of officer- and student-led forums, raise any issue that is affecting their university experience, and vote on the other motions that have been submitted.

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