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UPDATE: Patriot missiles leave Finland bound for Korea?

1 January, 2012

UPDATE: 5th Jan 2012 Finnish authorities allowed the impounded ship to leave port, without its captain who is facing charges of negligence. Some of the explosives were destroyed, it is claimed Germany was moving the Patriot missiles to South Korea. believe it or not! read this

On 22nd December 2011 a British registered ship was searched in a Finnish port and found to be carrying 160 tonnes of explosives and 69 Patriot missiles made by Raytheon. On the ships manifest they were labelled as fireworks and destined for China. This is highly unlikely and possible destinations are Jordon to counter the Syrians having new Russian missiles or any one of the pro US states along the persian Gulf to protect against possible Iranian missile attacks. Surely another step towards conflict?  This gives an interesting insight into how arms are moved around. The ship had a crew of 32 which is not normal for a boat of its size, the extra crew could have been armed guards to ensure no piracy occured.

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