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Down The Drones Conference – Bristol

9 February, 2012

Bristol Against The Arms Trade Present – Down the Drones Conference – Sunday April 1st 2012 1pm -6pm. Arc Cafe, Bristol, BS1 2HG

Maya Evans – She has just returned from Afghanistan on a peace delegation with Voices for Creative Nonviolence and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  Maya amongst other things won “a partial victory” in the High Court, when it ruled that Afghans detained by British forces could no longer be transferred to a detention centre in Kabul run by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency (NDS), because of the risk of torture.

Joanne Baker – Co-author of Uranium in Iraq: The Poisonous Legacy of the Iraq wars. From the charity Child Victims Of War Joanne will be talking about the weapons of modern warfare and their deadly legacy on civilians.

Chris ColePossibly the most educated activist on the growing usage of drones in modern warfare, co-author of Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the Playstation Mentality. Chris from Drone Wars UK  is going to speak about the growing use of drones in conflict around the world.

Smash EDO –  Is a Brighton-based grassroots campaign against EDO MBM/ITT – a company that makes bomb racks, release clips and arming mechanisms for warplanes and drones. Smash EDO activists have carried out numerous direct actions and demonstrations against EDO’s Brighton arms factory. Someone  from the campaign will be speaking about war, arms manufacture and direct action.

Bristol Down The Drone Conference is part of a build up towards the Bristol UAV conference on April 2nd 2012. We will be resisting the drone conference with a noise demo

To help distribute leaflets contact

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