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SMASH EDO – Summer Of Resistance

17 March, 2012

Tuesday 1st May: come down to Brighton for a big noise demo
outside the factory to get us started. Bring noise making equipment,
banners, megaphones, instruments and anything else you want to contribute.

Thursday 3rd May: Phone blockade of EDO/ITT and twitter prompting
of EDO parent company @ITTexelis. The great thing about this one is that
you can challenge EDO about their business wherever you are.

Sunday 6th May: Party in the park, Brighton. Details TBA.

Saturday 12th May: Target Barclays. Smash EDO will target Barclays,
the Market makers on the New York stock exchange for ITT Exelis, in North
Street, Brighton. If you can’t join us there, target Barclays where you
are! If you want a flyer for your demo, we’ve got one ready -just get in

Bank holiday Monday 4th June: Big demo. If you have been to any of
our previous ones, such as the carnival against the arms trade or the 2009
Brighton Mayday you know what we’re talking about! And since June the 5th
is also a bank holiday on account of the diamond jubilee, this is the
perfect time to make it down to Brighton!

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