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Arrests At Protest Against Remote Killing Machines

3 April, 2012

Bristolians kick started a summer of resistance outside the 27th International Bristol Drone Conference. The protest began at around 9 am at the corner of Baldwin street and Telephone Avenue, by midday around 80 people were making a wall of sound including a performance from a live band.

Protestors from various different campaign groups including Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Bristol Against Arms Trade, Smash EDO and Bristol Amnesty. Stood united against the 27th International Bristol UAV Conference.

A group of  protestors climbed between  two windows to unveil a palestinian flag and there were several reports of arms dealers needing a police escort to leave the area. A sign on the pavement read “we don’t want no more dead bodies”.

At around 3 o’clock the police came in and began to attack the demonstration arresting 7 people on various different charges, from public nuisance to assaulting a p.c. An all too familiar picture of the state repressing peaceful dissent.

4 of the companies exibiting at the bristol drone conference are in the top ten arms manufacturers in the world –

BAE Systems – 2nd largest arms manufacturer.

Northrop Grumman – 4th largest arms manufacurer.

EADS – 7th largest arms manufacturer

Thales – 10th largest arms manufacurer

Source: SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) Yearbook 2010 Table 6A.1

more to follow

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