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Military equipment to Israel

17 November, 2012

Israel gets most of its imported military equipment from the USA.  Lockheed Martin make the F16 which is still the principle aircraft of the Israeli Air Force. BAE systems made some of the first but not all the  ‘Heads up’ display units the F16 pilots use within their crash helmet, BAE systems also make much of the tear gas being used in the west bank.

Lockheed Martin make the hellfire missile which is the likely armament used to fire from the F16’s to the ground.  Raytheon make Paveway missiles another likely option.

Companies are very cautious about revealing any involvement with supplies to Israel and any parts go via the US to circumvent  controls and arms trade licencing. Campaign Against Arms Trade have a web page which lists some companies, but note the sources are quite dated and a more general page about Israel.  Corporate Watch have a website which details corporate involvement with Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. (I used arms companies tag on left of page to access archive)


ISRAEL: Total value of 91 UK military  export licences from Oct09 – Oct10 Including armoured plate,gas mask filters, signaling and radar equipment.£4.64 million

Total value controlled export licences Nov10 – Dec11    £90.5 million (this includes some non military but still controlled materials.)

EDO/MBM Brighton are a known supplier of parts to the Israeli Defence Force.

See War on Want report about high st banks and the arms trade.

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