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A step in the right direction; as EU consuls urge sanctions against settlements, we call for the suspension of all trade agreements

28 February, 2013

28 February 2013 | Palestine Solidarity Campaign and International Solidarity Movement


The European Union is actively supporting Apartheid Israel with its current trade agreements.  Enough is enough; keep the pressure up, 2013 is the time for justice in Palestine.

As more and more of us become aware of the systematic denial of Palestinians human rights by Israel military occupation, it is time to make our elected representatives aware of the growing and unstoppable pressure for peace and justice.

The EU should be playing a leading role in implementing policies to ensure that Israel ends its illegal occupation, uphold international law and respect Palestinian human rights.

Instead, they are supporting Israel’s occupation by:

  • allowing illegal settlement products to be traded across Europe
  • by using EU tax-payers money to fund Israeli military companies that are responsible for killing civilians and supporting Israel’s military occupation

As recommended by European Union consuls general in East Jerusalem and Ramallah in a recent report, the European Union must divest from settlements and economic sanctions should be put on bodies and companies involved in settlement industry.  A report submitted to the UN´s Human Rights Council by an independent fact-finding mission, has also called on all relevant international actors, private or state-connected to take “all necessary steps” to ensure that they were respecting human rights, “including by terminating their business interests in the settlements”.

This is a step forward but not enough; keep the pressure on EU representatives to suspend trade agreements with Israel until they fully and completely abide by international law.

It is time for actions, not words. Tell the EU to act now.

Read the full letter and sign the call here today:

Send letters to EU Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers (in all EU languages!)

Send letters to Members of European Parliament (MEPs) (in all EU languages!)

Please, send letters today and spread widely.

When people lead, governments follow.

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