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Protest the President of Boeing UK when he visits Bristle

28 February, 2013

Sir Roger Bone, ex-senior diplomat for the British Government and now advocate for global arms dealer Boeing UK is the key speaker at an executive event at the Bristol Council House. Sponsered by U.W.E. and another blood stained bank HSBC.1

Join us at the Council House, College Green at 5pm on Thursday 7th March. Creative things may happen!  When will Bristol wake up to the murderous trade it invites in for the sake of money.

The Boeing empire had revenues from military sales of 30,700 million dollars in 2011  nearly 50% of its total sales, which moved it up to the second largest military company  in the world.   BAE Systems are 3rd.

The British Army has 67 Boeing Apache helicopters.  It was an Apache heliopter that was involved in the infamous collateral murder tapes, that  Wikileaks  released, showing  disturbing evidence of the murder of civilians in Iraq.

According to the most recent National Audit Office review of defence procurement, the MOD plans to buy 14 more Boeing Chinook helicopter and upgrade the cockpit of the existing. costing £1.2 billion.  We haven’t found accurate up to date overall figures but in 2009/10 Boeing was 13th largest supplier to the MOD with £251 million sales. Source FOI request.

See BAAT companies page for more details and Boeing Annual Report. In the US Boeing  agreed in Feb 2013 to become the US sales outlet for Elbit from Israel  to sell its UAV (drones).

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