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Arms protesters set up checkpoint outside city council

12 March, 2013

Delegates arriving to hear Boeing UK’s president, Sir Roger Bone, speak were stopped at a checkpoint set up by anti-arms protesters who accuse him of arms dealing. The event was celebrating 75 years of partnership between Boeing and the UK.

Protesters targeted Bristol’s City Hall today in a bid to raise awareness about companies in Bristol that they claim are involved in the arms trade.  They have identified in excess of 100 companies with links to arms manufacture in the city.

The event at City Hall was the University of the West of England’s Distinguished Executive Address with Boeing UK’s President, Sir Roger Bone.  The event’s description notes that Boeing is celebrating 75 years of  partnership with the UK and Sir Roger Bone’s address would talk about how links were made and the future of the partnership.

The protesters, linking Palestinian politics in with their campaign, set up a checkpoint for arriving delegates. Delegates were told that they needed passes to enter if they were Palestinians.  The campigners also handed out leaflets and tried to get their viewpoint across.  They say that the event being held in Bristol City Hall was a misuse of a puiblic building.

Police were in attendance but took a relaxed approach; they did, however, move in to confiscate toy guns from the protesters on the chekpoint.  The protest was peaceful – no arrests were made.

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  1. 12 March, 2013 9:19 pm

    check our blog post for pictures of the action (and feel free to copy them if you like!)

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