About BAAT

To get in touch please email: bristolagainstarmstrade@riseup.net

Welcome to the BAAT blogsite – a website for people in the Bristol area who are opposed to militarism and the arms trade.

BAAT is a non-hierarchical group of activists who share a belief in the necessity of direct action to oppose militarism and the arms industry.
BAAT aims: to challenge the military/ industrial complex in all its forms( see notes on this) and provide:

* A variety of media/mediums  to educate and inform ourselves and others about militarism.

*campaign to raise awareness of the arms industry in Bristol

* solidarity and mutual aid

* training and workshops in direct action, trauma support, media, etc

* a forum for discussion and analysis

BAAT has the following principles:

* Organise using the principles of autonomy and non-heirarchy

* We embrace a diversity of tactics

* We have a respect for life

Success! You’re on the list.

So why be against militarism?

Armed conflict becomes the only method of conflict resolution.

We are all brutalised by the glorification of war, violence and guns.

Wars cause much of the migration and refugee problems worldwide.

Military weapons manufacture consumes vast financial and material resources which could be used elsewhere in society.

The military cause great environmental damage and are a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.

Large military corporations use corrupt practices and answer only to profit.  Arms manufacturers have a vested interest in wars and promote ‘Hawkish’ attitudes in the corridors of power.  Weapons are sold to governments who are known to abuse human rights.

Militarism opposes equality between the sexes because it relies on the degradation of women and the denial of female characteristics. A gross example of this is the use of rape as a weapon.

States with ruling elites attempt to control all space within society. This is impossible and the state lashes out with military control and repression. Social weaving creates threads between people and counters the fears of state repression. Social weaving is basically the recreation of community ties and relationships.

To contact us: bristolagainstarmstrade@riseup.net

3 replies on “About BAAT”

Hi gg


Minutes of meeting 5th Jan 2011
Preparation for 22nd-BAAT 1pm till 3pm Rolling Picket Of High Street Investors In The Arms Trade
banners ( see events ), flyers, megaphone, sound system.

We discussed invitation from Radio Kebele for BAAT to talk. J and bob to go along.
Also Whether to do 1am vigil on morning of 16th jan
this is when, 20 years ago the first invasion of Iraq happened.
Can anybody interested in joining this symbolic event please e-mail bristolagainstarmstrade@gmail.com ASAP
Especially if you have transport.

J pointed out that BAAT name doesn’t realy highlight our opposition to the military industrial complex. It could be seen as
just opposing the export of arms etc.
Perhaps we need to clarify this on all our flyers
Also we need to have statement about our committment to NVDA non violent direct action. There are different interpretations of what constitutes violence ( ie damaging property)
Bob will use PGA Hallmarks ( developed by international groups ) to present a statement of our principles to the next meeting.
With the intention of putting this on the web site home page.

Has anybody got any suggestions for a social night. games? pub? dinner at somebody’s?

Fundraising; Bob to contact two possible sources.
T will contact Kilnaboy who are too big for Plough and see The Boneyard Bar for becoming a venue.
B.yd Bar may want £100 and 25% of door but if very busy night they will give £100 back!
Bob to visit Kino for accoustic night.

Need simple slogan(s) for campaign.

DIARY 2011
9th 11am to 5pm Hinkley C meeting at St Werbs C Centre

14th Map of arms companies on web site will be up and running.

16th 1 am sunday Vigil ( FFI Bob)

16th 7.30 pm Film ‘Killing our own’ documentary with good info about depleted uranium. AT Kebele 14 Robertson Rd Easton (meal 6.30pm)

19th Meet 5pm at Smiling Chair, next to Sprinters on Stokes Croft, for first part of banner making, then meeting 6pm and more banner making
after business. Come along and learn new skills.

22nd 1pm till 3pm Rolling Picket Of High Street Investors In The Arms Trade Meet by bandstand Castle Park at 1pm

2nd February 6 pm Meeting at Smiling Chair: Joanne Baker from Child Victims of War to talk about Depleted Uranium and civilian casualties. With screening from her computer.

Look at website bristolagainstarmstrade.wordpress.com for updates


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