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9 September, 2016

Our campaigning is working: more and more MPs are speaking out against the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

A leaked draft of a forthcoming report by Parliament’s Committees on Arms Export Controls suggests MPs are poised to call for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which has been using UK weapons against civilian targets in Yemen. Read more…

DISARM TRIDENT – Visit to Burghfield

16 June, 2016



Thursday 30th June – The Cost of Trident

As the cost of Trident replacement soars to over £200 billion we will protest the implications for austerity, climate change, nuclear power, militarism, and much more.                           Travel Plans:-

Minibus departs 5.00AM (yes very early) outside Colston Hall (off the Centre) Bristol . Reserve your seat txt 07711214168.       Cost by donation.    Bring packed lunch and drinks.    Return early evening.

Please promote

FFI BAAT and Bristol-CND


18 May, 2016


10 May, 2016

BAAT Meeting Sunday 3rd April

29 March, 2016

Meeting poster image

Bristol Activists Projection Bomb Council House Ahead of Cardiff Arms Fair

9 March, 2016


“The hands that make bombs can also break bombs”

On Monday 7th of March Bristol activists projected short films and images on to Bristol Council. The activists were raising awareness about the up coming DPRTE arms fair being held in Cardiff next week. The DPRTE arms fair was previously held in Bristol up to 2013 when protests forced it to relocate to Cardiff. Protests are planned on the opening day of this years event see Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair

Chloe Marsh spokes person from Bristol against arms trade said “We are fed up with our government along with other global powers waging illegal wars around the globe. Most global conflicts are in the interest of arms companies and oil giants, they want to control resources to benefit themselves. We have held protests against the DPRTE now for three years, we chased them out of Bristol and are confident we can do the same in Cardiff!”

Transport will be leaving Bristol at 7am, 16/03/16 from outside the Colston Hall – Places are limited so ring Row on 07711214168 to book a seat.

Preparations and banner making will be taking place at Kebele Project, 14 Robertson Rd Easton. 2pm to 7pm – Sunday 13th March 




8 March, 2016




Transport leaving Bristol 7am from outside Colston Hall – Places limited so ring

Row on 07711214168 to book seat.

Banner making at Kebele Project 2pm to 7pm – 14 Robertson Rd Easton-

Sunday 13th March. Dinner at Kebele at 6.30pm

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