EADS, QinetQ, Babcock, Jacobs

EADS The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is apan-European aerospace corporation, formed by the merger in July 2000 of German, French and Spanish aerospace companies.
Address: Southmead Rd, Filton. BS34
Arms sales 2010 $ 16.6 billion 27 % of business is military7th largest in the world
Products: The company develops and markets civil and military aircraft, as well as communications systems, missiles, space rockets, satellites, and related systems.See dont bank on the bomb report for nuclear.Sells military versions of transporters around the world.
Controversies See Wikipedia. March 2012 EADS being sued for withdrawing from contracts with saudi national Guard after subsiduary company accused of bribes. More info about bribes revealed.


In Bristol?Building Airbus ( wings) at Filton which has a military version, the A400 which is used for aerial refuelling and airlift. RAF has bought 25 A400’s to replace aging Hercules, late delivery now 2012.
BABCOCK INTERNATIONALBabcock and Wilcox is US company which completes US business.
Address :Babcock Advanced Technology, Ashton House, Ashton Vale Rd,BS3 2HQ.
Arms sales 2010 $ 2.77 billion 62 % military 29th largest in world
Products:In 2007 bought up operation of Devenport Dockyard, in April 2012, babcock won multi million contract to refit HMS Vengeance, the Trident nuclear submarine. Part of Aircraft Alliance.Specialises in nuclear engineering which of course overlaps with civilian nuclear production.Makes Jackel 4×4 vehicles, keeping subs at sea, maintaining planes and warships. Training programmes for pilots etc
What it does in Briz: Bought Strachen and Henshaw in 2008 for £65 million. Base and facility in Ashton.  Weapons handling and discharge systems for astute submarines
JACOBS ENGINEERINGMassive US based corporation, provides pre and post construction services to construction, defence, energy, infrastructure and technology sectors. 160 offices in 20 countries.
Address: Building 350, Bristol Business park, BS16 1EJ
Military Revenue 2010 $1.02 billion 10% military revenue 67th in world
Products include: Provides advanced technology in aerospace and defence. See dont bank on the bomb for nuclear. Technical facilities operations, test engineering, facility design and build, enterprise information systems.
Where their stuff ends up: Surprisingly unforthcoming on their website.
QINETIQFormed from larger part of former UK Agency, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency DERA.
Address: Building 240, Bristol Business park. BS16 1EJLocations in UK.
Military revenue 2010 $ 1.73 billion 69 % of business is military 50th in world
Products: TALON Robot, LAST armour, UAV’s Mercator and Zephyr.Work includes 25 year contract with MOD to provide test and evaluation services, also manage military ranges. Invent more ‘effective’ ways of killing people.
2000 TALON robots deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.Spent over £300 million pounds on buying US companies related to defence. Foster Miller (US ) enables access to American defence markets for unmanned vehicles.Has separate company which researches nanotechnology (v.v.small).
Where their stuff ends up: Iraq, Afghanistan. TALON used by Australian military
Controversies. In 2007 National Audit Office reported taxpayers could have got tens of millions pounds more when company sold off. There was 19,000% increase in value of stock from initial sale.
What they do in Bristol Office in Bristol Business Park. In partnership with other contactors to develop military systems. Many other sites in UK.

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