OSYS, SELEX/Finmeccanica, SEA, L-3

Address:Rolls-Royce, Gate 6A, Gypsy Patch Lane. Mail: PO Box 3, Filton, Bristol BS34 7QEo-sys.com Parent company Rolls Royce PLC
Products include: I.T. and instrumentation for civil and defence aerospace, marine and nuclear.Specialises in decision support systems?!
Where their stuff ends up:IT solutions for Eurofighter and Joint Strike Fighter.Instrumentation for nuclear submarines ( responsibility transferred to parent company)
What they do in Bristol Involved in aerospace IT.
SEA (SYSTEMS ENGINEERING)Aerospace partners include BAE Systems, Qinetiq and Airbus.
Address: Buildings 450 & 660 Bristol Business park, BS16 1EJ
Products include: Instrument design, test/measurement, wireless and micro systems for civil and military aerospace.SEA led consortium is carrying out research on improvements to soldiers effectiveness ( including lethality) and stimulate innovation to reduce burden on dismounted soldier.Avionics and radar. Including Brahan SAR low frequency radar for complex targets.
Where their stuff ends up: Aerospace
What are they doing in Bristol? Approved supplier on MOD’s (FATS/3) purchasing mechanism development. Presumeably this means improvement of procurement systems at Abbey Wood!
Other sites in UK Various : Head Office Beckington Castle, Frome
SELEX GALILEO (Incl VEGA a company it took over)Part of Finmeccanica,Italian military contractor.
Finmeccanica: military revenue 2010 $14.8 billion 8thlargest in world58% military
Address:Buildings 360 & 430, Bristol Business park, BS16 1EJSelex Communications Building 20, A1-2 Southside off Southmead Rd BS34 7QW
Products include: Develop secure and coherent Defence Information Infrastructure, (DII-Future) and command and control systems. Radar for airports. See dont bank on the bombreport for nuclear.Helped ensure MOD information system met security specification to enable UK participation in US shared military information systems.Radar and surveillance systems for UAV’s. UAV development. SELEX Galileo has been award contracts  by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply 20 Titan 385ES-HD electro-optic turrets to equip the UK’s existing Chinook fleet as well as the new Mk.6 Chinooks due to enter service in 2016.
What they do in Bristol June 2010: Won contract extension to supply expertise for information management to UK Defence Equipment and Support (DE &S)
Controversies: In 2011 it faced accusations it had bribed senior Italian politicians with a slush fund.
L-3 COMMUNICATIONSIn 2006 L3 purchased TRL Technology in Gloucestershire, a specialist defence electronics company.
Address: Building 310, Bristol Business park, BS16 1EJ
Military Revenue 2010 $13.07 billion 83% Military revenue 9th in world
Products include: Aircraft modernisation and support, avionic displays, command and control communications and sensors. Other products: L3 Provision – passenger screening systemL3 Smartdeck – Cockpit systemL3 Examiner – Airport baggage screening systemL3 Optex – Trace level explosive detection systemTRL internationally known for interception, surveillance, electronic warfare and communication systems.
Where their stuff ends up: Have a guess from above!
Controversies : May 2008 Emad al-Janabi sued L3 and CACI for mental and physical abuse while he was detained at Abu Ghaib prison in Baghdad. ( L3 named because it had acquired Titan who supplied translators at the prison.)2010: USAF suspended L3’s Special Support Programs Division from work with US Government. Investigation found highly sensitive government computer network had been used to collect data for business purposes. Criminal investigation continues.
What they do in Bristol Aerospace

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