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BAAT’s article in Bristol Cable

13 February, 2017

Bristol’s role in arming the world

Bristol Arms Walk: coming up soon!

10 January, 2017


Take bus to UWE.

START: at bus terminus within UWE campus. This walk is about 4.5 miles (7.5Km) with fairly level walking. All on pavements,roads and footpaths which public have access to.  Should take 2-3 hours. Useful to have BAAT website available on smart phone.

FINISH: Rolls Royce on Gloucester Rd North.

FFI: – Date not firmed up we are awaiting responses from Cable article – will be on a week-end!

Stop HP: Target the trades fair – 29/11/16 – London

22 October, 2016
1For decades, HP has profited from Israel’s apartheid system. Checkpoints. Biometric ID cards. Surveillance databases. From 29 Nov–1 Dec, HP will be holding a big trade show at the Excel Centre to drum up business.
Join us, on 29 November, the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, to make sure that attendees who step foot into the fair are under no illusions about how HP tracks and surveils Palestinians. If we can get to the people that bulk-buy HP equipment, we can have a really solid impact on their bottom line.

Read more…

Companies influencing Government policy

3 October, 2016

Live now! CAAT’s new Political Influence Browser exposes the extent of the intimate and compromising relationship between arms companies and government.

This huge new data-project, profiled in the Guardian today, shows how the arms industry has inserted itself into the very heart and machinery of government giving it totally disproportionate access and influence over vital areas,  warping public policy and harming us all.

Find out more and support our campaign to get the arms industry out of government and end its damaging political influence:

The browser highlights the many ways arms companies gain access to and influence the Government:

We know that the political influence of the arms industry leads to deadly consequences: Promoting arms deals is prioritised over controlling the flow of arms, and private commercial interests are allowed to trump human rights.

A stark example is the government’s refusal to stop arming Saudi Arabia, even as UK weapons are used in the devastating bombing of Yemen, in clear violation of the UK’s own rules, and European and international law. Despite overwhelming evidence of repeated violations of international humanitarian law, thousands of deaths and a humanitarian crisis, the UK government refuses to stop the sales.

The campaign to sell the BAE Systems‘ Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft now bombing Yemen involved interventions at the highest level – from Tony Blair’s intervention to stop a corruption investigation into arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Prince Charles’ infamous sword dance for the Saudi king. CAAT’s browser shows how the machinery of government was mobilised at key moments in the sales campaign to secure the deal.

If we’re to end scandals like this and ensure policy is made in the public interest, rather than for the profit of private companies, we must break the links between arms industry and government.


9 September, 2016

Our campaigning is working: more and more MPs are speaking out against the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

A leaked draft of a forthcoming report by Parliament’s Committees on Arms Export Controls suggests MPs are poised to call for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which has been using UK weapons against civilian targets in Yemen. Read more…

DISARM TRIDENT – Visit to Burghfield

16 June, 2016



Thursday 30th June – The Cost of Trident

As the cost of Trident replacement soars to over £200 billion we will protest the implications for austerity, climate change, nuclear power, militarism, and much more.                           Travel Plans:-

Minibus departs 5.00AM (yes very early) outside Colston Hall (off the Centre) Bristol . Reserve your seat txt 07711214168.       Cost by donation.    Bring packed lunch and drinks.    Return early evening.

Please promote

FFI BAAT and Bristol-CND


18 May, 2016
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