BAE Systems

BAE Systems
Address: Including Building 20A-1, Surface Ships 20X, 20C, 20R at main site Southmead Rd, Filton. BS34 7QW
Military Revenue 2015 £17.9 billion 93 % of business is military

Saudi war crimes in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is BAE’s third biggest market. The Independent reported that “in 2014, British defence firm BAE won a contract worth £4.4bn to supply the Saudis with 72 fighter jets – some of which were used to bomb Red Cross and MSF hospitals in Yemen.” The chairman of BAE Systems, Sir Roger Carr, rejected criticism over BAE’s continued work in Saudi Arabia, saying “We will stop doing it when they tell us to stop doing it. … We maintain peace by having the ability to make war and that has stood the test of time.”

Products: 3rd largest arms company in the world, produces vast range of military equipment.  Including Advanced Precision Weapon Kill System Purchased many companies in USA to access American military markets. See dont bank on the bombfor report on nuclear.  £2 billion contract with MOD for 15 year supply of munitions.Branching out into crime/surveillance companies. Saudi Arabia to spend £6 billion on training programme for pilots run by BAE.

Contributes to 50% of UAV ASTRAEA funding

Controversies: Amongst others, lots of corruption with Saudi Arabian Government. Tony Blair stopped Serious Fraud Squad investigation in 2007 due to Saudi’s saying they would withdraw anti terrorist assistance. Guardian Newspaper have their own file on BAE! More recent stuff.     Dropping of South African case unexplained. See Wikipedia for more…
BAE Systems in Bristol:Surface Ships – Design of new range of ships for M.O.D. Including aircraftcarriers, amphibious vessels, destroyers, frigates offshore patrol etc. Recentlysigned 15 year agreement with UK MOD to provide most of Royal Navy fleetfor next 30 years. Four sites across UKIntegrated System Technologies –Claim to be world leaders in surveillance,command and control secure communications and training. Expertise insystems that collect raw data and then deliver actionable information quickly.MBDA –37.5% stake in global missile systems company. See separate sheet.Military Air Solutions – Through -life service, from concept, design,construction to maintenance for advanced military aircraft.Including Typhoon Fighter, Nimrod, Hawk, Harrier and F35.Filton not main site.Submarine Solutions – Substantial involvement with team designingAstute class nuclear submarines and vanguard class( which contain the newnuclear deterrent!) based in Barrow shipyard.Also with Babcock Marine, Rolls Royce and Electric Boat Co.BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre building 20R – Includes airborne communication with UAV’s, radar, fibre optics and advanced materials .Taranis – UAV About the size of a BAE Systems Hawk Jet, Taranis is jointly funded by the UK MoD and UK industry and is managed by the UK MoD’s Unmanned Air Systems Project Team in the Defence Equipment and Support organisation based in Bristol. ( Procurement?)

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