Raytheon, MBDA

Address: Bristol Business Park, Bristol. BS16 1EJ They were in Building 510 but due to 5 week rooftop occupation in 2008/09 they have not been sighted for a while!!!  Out of interest see dark-places web site.
Total Revenue 2010 $22.98 billion 91% of business is military
Products: Raytheon’s electronics and defence-systems units produce air, sea, and land-launched missiles, aircraft radar systems, weapons sights and targeting systems, communication and battle-management systems, and satellite components. Raytheon also produces marine electronics, manufacturing shipboard radar and sonar systems, autopilots, depth finders, and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Missiles include: AGM -129 ACM advanced cruise missile, AIM- Sparrow and Sidewinder, BGM Tomahawk, MIM Patriot and Hawk, Paveway ‘bunker buster’ system ( including current orders 2012 for RAF )
Where their stuff ends upRSL Glenrothes manufacture the GPS-aided navigation system and control systems for the Paveway guided “bunker busting” bombs produced in the US and sold to Israel who used them in their war on Lebanon July/Aug 2006. Delivery of cluster bombs which are particularly lethal for civilians during and after use. see stopclustermunitions.orgRaytheon’s Paveway guided bomb system, was “the most widely used precision munition in Operation Iraqi Freedom. More than 8,700 were dropped.” We are all now well aware of the illegal basis of the Iraqi war, its failure to find any WMD’s and its ongoing toll on the civilian population.Raytheon has also supplied electronic equipment for the Israeli Wall. Missiles used by Israeli F16 fighters and Apache helicopters in Gaza 2008/09. Fragments of Raytheon weapons have been found in Lebanon and more recently a school in the Gaza strip.Tomahawk fired by RAF in Libya.
Controversies: Case of illegally obtaining classified information, disputed claims of Patriot missile, Contract disputes, Brazilian corruption? AGES Lawsuit. See Wikipedia for more International law, established at the end of World War 2, ‘holds individuals and corporations liable for supplying governments with weapons that are used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity’.Raytheon is enabling Israeli forces to engage in practices that violate international law, UN Resolutions and the human rights of the Palestinian people through being a major manufacturer of munitions used by the Israeli army. See raytheonout.wordpress.com
MBDAEuropean missile companies consolidated into MBDA. . BAE Systems own 37.5% EADS 37.5%, Finmeccanica 25%, based in 4 European countries
Address: Gipsy lane, Filton BRISTOL BS34 7QW
Arms sales 2010 $3.7 billion 100% military about 20th largest in world
Products: Missiles: Air to air – AIM 132, Storm Shadow ( in 1997 MOD placed £980 million order for system which continues today.)  Surface to air Sea Viper, fire shadow  Air to surface – Apache, Anti ship – Exocet, Anti tank – Milan.New UAV/guided bomb
Where their stuff ends up: 90 armed forces around the world. See dont bank on the bomb for nuclear.
News: Purchasing American companies to expand into US market. March 2010: MBDA agreed long term partnership with MOD, to manage portfolio of complex weapons development over 10 years worth £4 billion in total. Stormshadow fired in Libya by RAF.

Feb 2012 Large display at Dubai Air Show, important sales target for MBDA.

What they do in Bristol Royal Navy spend £483million on replacement for sea wolf missile with MBDA.    Carry out technical analysis, investigation and design of complex weapon systems. Including missiles ( mainly?), combat, command and control systems, radar, data link and military communications.
Sea Ceptor system for Royal Navy.
Other sites in UK Stevenage – Research and Development, Lostock Lancs – Production, London HQ 2630 employees in UK

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