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Thales, Lockheed Martin

Address: Building 530 and 230 Bristol Business Park, Bristol. BS16 1EJ
Military Revenue 2010 $ 17,384 million57 % of business is military
Products/services: Wide range of radio/communication systems, surveillance, command and control systems. (partner Raytheon producing radar systems).  Remote weapon systems, infantry vehicles, radar, sonar and missiles.Part of Air tanker consortium. ( Thales UK provides the mission simulators, defensive aids, avionics and mission planning systems for the FSTA programme.)1stof 14 delivered April 2012. £400million contract to provide training services for RAF tanker aircraft.

Working with BAE Systems and MOD on Royal Navy Future Carriers. Won contract for British Army for 54 UAV Watchkeeper programme worth £840 million and rising.Thales Air Defence based in Belfast produces a range of short-range missile systems. Working with raytheon on current (2012), orders of Paveway iv bombs, in Basingstoke.See dont bank on the bombreport on nuclear.contributes to 50% of ASTRAEA UAV programme.

Where their stuff ends up: Make Hellfire missile for MOD under licence in N. Ireland.
Controversies: Shabir Shaik advisor to President of ANC found guilty of organising a bribe for Thales. One of 4 companies fined in S. Korea for forming submarine cartel, Feb 2012.
What they do in Bristol In 2007 became preferred bidder with Boeing for development of new family of all terrain vehicles for British army.Design/development of RN carriersVisual system and sonar for astute submarines. Watchkeeper?
Other sites in UK Missile production in Northern Ireland.
Lockheed Martin
Address: Ascent flight training ascentflighttraining.comBristol Parkway North Office, Newbrick Rd, Sieve Croob House UKMFTS( found on Secret Bases  web site!  Armed guard!)See dont bank on the bomb  report on nuclear.Read Prophets of War – Lockheed Martin and the making of the military industrial complex. By William D hartung 2011.Making lightweight weapon for tactical uav’s.
Military Revenue 2010 $35.73 billion 78% militaryNo 1 military contractor in the world
What they do in Bristol Lockheed Martin and Babcock International providing training devices and courses for pilots. linked with RAF valleyAscent UK (UKMFTS) Advanced Jet Training. Worth about £6 billion over 25 years.
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