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Boeing, Rolls Royce

BoeingLargest global aircraft manufacturer and 2nd largest defence contractor by revenue.Business includes commercial airlines, military aircraft, munitions, space systems and computer services.Boeing Defence UK is the preferred bidder for upgrade of UK surveillance planes.
Address: Building 520 Bristol Business park, BS16 1EJ
Military Revenue 2015 $ 30.38 billion 33 % of business is military
Products include: Helicopter: AH64 Apache, CH47 Chinook. Aircraft: F4, F15, AV-8B Harrier with BAE Systems, F22 Raptor. Munitions:  JDAM  conversion kits (converts free fall bombs to guided) 200,000 sold. Small Diameter Bomb, Patriot missile. Dont bank on the bomb has report on nuclear. UAV’s X-45, Satellites and space systems (including Israel defence system from ballistic attack). In UK:
Nov 2009 Boeing UK won contract for 21 years of spares, technical support and repairs for MOD fleet of 67 Apache’s. Boeing platforms in service with British armed forces include the AWACS E3-D Sentry, Apache attack helicopter, Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, C-17 military transport aircraft, ScanEagle reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle and the Harpoon missile.
Where their stuff ends up: Worldwide with US combat missions. UAV’s in covert operations. Boeing US to market Elbit’s Hermes UAV’s.
Controversies In 2003 CEO resigned and employee jailed for procurement corruption and Lockheed Martin sued for industrial espionage due to ex-employee giving information to Boeing.Linked to 20 superfund toxic waste sites in US.Pays 3.2% annual tax whereas standard rate Corporate tax is 35% in US!
What they do in Bristol  Direct link with MOD Procurement.May also contain helicopter support personnel.Bristol University partners Boeing on engineering programmes which focus on aerospace including UAV’s.
Other sites in UK 20 Locations supporting MOD and US programmes.Partners Qinetiq at Farnborough Portal facility to assess military hardware.
Rolls Royce PLC

Address: Rolls Royce PLC Defence Aerospace, James Wade EW1-1, PO BOX 3, Filton BS34 7QE

Military Revenue 2015 $4.79 billion 24% military, 14th in world
Products: Aerospace business makes commercial and military gas turbine engines.  2nd largest engine maker for aircraft.Rolls Royce Marine Power Operations tests nuclear reactors for Royal Naval submarines.Rolls Royce Deutschland produces Europrop TP400 engine for Airbus A400M military Transport plane.Developing F136 engine for Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike fighter.Ardour MK951 powers BAE Systems Hawk trainer.Family of gas turbine engines can be used in helicopters, fighters, UAV’s and trainers.Massive ones used for ships. US Navy has ordered for 2 ships, April 2012.
Where their stuff ends up: Engines for C-130 Hercules aircraft. Pegasus engine for Harrier jump jet. Engine research for a number of UAV projects.
What they do in Bristol Developing vertical take-off for F-35 fighter variant and part manufacture. MOD(May2012) orders this plane for carriers, production to be at Patchway
Rolls Royce Marine – development of ships for Navy.
In 2009 UK government decided to buy 40 more Eurofighters to be assembled by BAE Systems at Warton Lancs, the engines are made at Bristol using a new production facility. R.R. has many long term repair and maintainance contracts for its engines in Eurofighter, Typhoon, Hawk ( Malaysian Air Force)
UAV research at Bristol.
Other sites in UK Main site in Derby
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